Acor Orthotic Insoles - Walking MOrFS

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Acor Orthotic Insoles - Walking MOrFS

Acor Orthotic Insoles for walking comfort can easily be modified to fit your specific needs. These orthotic inserts provide improved support and cushioning, acting like shock absorbers by relieving pressure and stress from painful areas in the foot and ankle. The Acor adjustable orthotics are designed specifically for active individuals that want a balance between cushioning and support. Walking orthotics are perfect for the following conditions and activities: daily walking, work shoes, mild plantar fasciitis, heel pain, metatarsal pain, ankle instability, and foot fatigue from standing, walking, or working.

Walking Shoe Insoles by Acor - MOrFS

These replacement insoles by Acor are a complete orthotic that come with a top layer and a base layer that are perfect for shoes with added depth. The top layer features three levels of construction for cushioning, shock absorption, and support while the base layer cradles the heel for additional cushioning and stability. Use each layer individually for support in footwear with less room inside such as dress shoes and loafers, or use both layers together for the best possible cushioning and support.

These Acor Orthotic Insoles also feature the X-Static® silver fabric top cover that destroys bacteria and odor. Silver is a natural element that prevents the growth of bacteria which is why these insoles destroy 99.9% of bacteria that come in contact with the material. As the temperature in your footwear increases with activity, so does the effectiveness of these bacteria killing insoles. Another benefit of these silver insoles is that odor causing compounds such as ammonia and denatured proteins readily bind to silver, eliminating odors. The X-Static® fabric also dissipates moisture and heat, reducing hot spots and blisters.

Acor Orthotic Insoles Sizing:

Size U.S. Women's Shoe Size U.S. Men's Shoe Size
A 5 - 6 4
B 7 - 8 5 - 6
C 9 - 10 7 - 8
D 11 - 12 9 - 10
E 13 - 14 11 - 12
F 15 - 16 13 - 14
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