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Foot Problems That May Put You Out of Balance

Diabetics are usually well aware about how Diabetes compromises their health limiting their routine physical activities and day to day lives. It is also known that living with Diabetes has a direct impact on the feet for which special attention becomes a pre-requisite.


  • One of the major complications of Diabetes that can cause balance-related problems is Diabetic Neuropathy. This condition affects nearly 65-70% of diabetics with resultant damage to the nerve supply of legs and feet leading to loss of sensations in them.

In simple terms, it indicates that diabetics might not feel cuts, sores or any trauma to their feet or exposure to excessive heat or cold. This may lead to severe infection.

  • Another complication of Diabetes is Peripheral Vascular Disease which reduces the blood flow and delays healing of sores and cuts. Such non-healing sores and cuts may increase the chances of developing severe ulcers or gangrene. A gangrenous foot ultimately needs to be amputated.

People suffering from Diabetes thus have to be extremely cautious about their footwear. Fortunately, most diabetic foot problems can be prevented and treated by wearing protective shoes called Orthopaedic shoes, and by following a proper foot care routine.

Orthopedic shoes

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Orthopedic shoes are designed in such a manner that they offer protection for diabetic feet and reduce the risk of complications, particularly in cases of poor circulation, neuropathy and foot deformities, all of which can cause poor balance.

This is the reason why these Orthopaedic shoes are so designed that they have very few seams, stitching, rough edges, and are soft and smooth from the inside thus minimizing any risk of trauma to the foot as a result of wearing the shoe.  Also, these shoes are deep enough, to provide extra room and depth to accommodate the diabetic foot that may be swollen or oedematous over the day.

Diabetics with foot problems can ensure better balance by regularly using Orthopaedic footwear as it gives a protective cushioned interior to counter any irritation and provides superior arch support conforming to the foot contours that help maintain balance &reduce pressure on the sole of the feet.

The provision of the deep toe boxes in Orthopaedic shoes can be an extra advantage to people having deformities like hammertoes or toe calluses for a pressure-free feet-friendly environment.

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