Combat Decline in Muscular Strength, Especially if You Have Type 2 Diabetes

A study conducted by the American Physical Therapy Association a few years ago concludes that “Physical therapist-directed exercise counseling combined with fitness center-based exercise training can improve muscular strength and exercise capacity in people with type 2 diabetes, with outcomes similar to those of supervised exercise…” So it is nothing new and no surprise that we are pro-exercise. Getting started can be as simple as making a commitment to just getting outside, and taking a walk around the neighborhood for 10 quick minutes a day. In addition to the muscular benefits, there are also some great mental health implications as well.

Type 2 diabetes generally leads to a decline in muscular strength and exercise capability, among other health complications. But things can be altered with a great attitude, workout schedule, and healthy eating habits. Maintaining and improving upon muscular strength is crucial to preventing loss of physical function. Make a commitment and start small. You’ll be glad you did. Consult your doctor or physical before beginning any rigorous exercise program.

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