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Why Would You Need Diabetic Shoes?

The Difference Between Regular Shoes & Diabetic Shoes

With a high blood sugar level, begins the onset of a harrowing disease, diabetes. If not kept in check, it can be quite a roadblock to your normal functioning and bodily health. Doctors often advise those with diabetes to wear diabetic shoes, but many people do not follow this. This is serious negligence of one’s health since those with diabetes run the risk of developing diabetic neuropathy, which is severe nerve damage as a result of uncontrolled levels of high blood sugar. It is thereby important to be aware of the importance of diabetic shoes, which help in mitigating much of the discomfort caused by diabetes. From improved blood circulation to greater comfort in movement, let’s explore the myriad advantages of diabetic shoes.

Ordinary Shoes vs Diabetic Shoes


Ordinary Shoes vs Diabetic Shoes

While ordinary shoes are mostly made for fashion, diabetic shows solely prioritize comfort. The latter is made with superior material that allows your feet to breathe. They usually have a thick heel, as compared to the thin heel of an ordinary pair of shoes. Diabetic shoes are usually wider so as to accommodate orthotics, and they are designed in a way to absorb any and all shocks much more effectively than compared to ordinary shoes. A major difference between the two is the padding around the ankle. In ordinary shoes, one hardly ever finds padding around the ankle but for diabetic shoes, this padding is a must.

Why wear diabetic shoes?


Wear diabetic shoes

Now that we have established that diabetic shoes are drastically different than ordinary shoes, let us explore the benefits of the former. The primary benefit of diabetic shoes is that it helps improve blood circulation in our feet, which reduces the risk of developing diabetic neuropathy. They are extremely comfortable and will allow unrestricted movement of your feet. As we previously mentioned, if the blood circulation is not effectively managed, severe nerve damage can render a diabetic individual paralyzed. In order to avoid that and promote greater blood circulation, these shoes are ideal.

Other than that, they also prevent the formation of calluses and protect your feet from all kinds of shocks that you may experience while walking. It is thus highly advisable to invest in a pair of good diabetic shoes if you have been diagnosed with diabetes.

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