Acor Orthotic Insoles - Therapeutic Silver

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Acor Orthotic Insoles - Therapeutic Silver

Orthotic Insoles by Acor with X-Static® silver lining provide therapeutic comfort. These orthotic insoles are specifically designed for people that have diabetes, arthritis, and a multitude of other conditions resulting in sensitive feet. The resilient padding and construction of these orthotic insoles are intended for the individual that requires more cushioning and is less active.

Orthotic Insoles by Acor - Silver Insoles

This orthotic insole features a triple layer construction for cushioning, shock absorption, and support. The top most layer is constructed from Acor's cushioning P-Cell® foam that conforms to the foot while reducing friction and deflecting moisture inside the shoe, creating a healthy foot environment. The middle and bottom layer of these insoles work together to provide excellent shock absorption and foot support.

These Acor orthotic insoles also feature a fabric top cover with X-Static® silver that destroys bacteria and odor. Silver is a natural element that prevents bacterial growth which is why these silver orthotic insoles destroy 99.9% of bacteria that come in contact with the material. As the temperature in your footwear increases with activity, so does the effectiveness of these bacteria killing insoles. Another benefit of these silver orthotic insoles is that odor causing compounds such as ammonia and denatured proteins readily bind to silver, eliminating odor. The X-Static® fabric also dissipates moisture and heat, greatly reducing hot spots and blisters.

Acor Orthotic Insoles Sizing:

Size U.S. Women's Shoe Size U.S. Men's Shoe Size
A 5 - 6 4
B 7 - 8 5 - 6
C 9 - 10 7 - 8
D 11 - 12 9 - 10
E 13 - 14 11 - 12
F 15 - 16 13 - 14
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